Update June 2022

First major website update

I’m embarking on the first significant website update since I began this project. The database and search function will always be up to date, and I aim to complete a database update every couple of weeks, although some updates may take as long as 4 weeks.

Whilst the database will always be up to date the website pages and functions get a facelift on an opportunity basis – June/July 2022 is the first such opportunity.

Update details

Directory listings

This is work in progress and is proving more fiddly than expected as many component and accessory manufacturers listed multiple items in their product ranges. For example Ferodo, Shell and Renold typically produced brake linings, fuels/oils and chains respectively, easy.  Britax to take one example however marketed everything from lighting sets to crash helmets!

So expect frequent changes to the layout as I finalise the display.

Not very mobile friendly yet.

It all seems to work reasonably well on desktop and tablets, but I’m not going to optimise for smartphones until the layout is finalised.

I’m setting aside the rest of June and the first couple of weeks in July 2022 to try and inject some order into the proceedings and will update this blog in due course.

All database search functions will work as normal though.

That’s it for now.

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