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1919 Motorcycle Advert

Welcome to Rockers Bike Ads.

The website was actually conceived over 10 years ago but never developed due to priority being given to my Aviation Ancestry database of aviation adverts. Developing both at the same time proved to be way too ambitious and the aircraft application won principally due to the available source material at the time.

Rockers Bike Ads is a non-profit resource for Motor Cycle enthusiasts and you’re welcome to request free high res copies of the images by using the send ads link at the foot of each image.

Put simply this is a searchable database of (primarily) pre-1980 British Motor Cycle Industry advertisements classified by Manufacturer, Year and Product type. All material is sourced form original literature in my personal collection.

Schedule of Work:
Ongoing preparation and cataloguing of new entries for the database and general website updates – this is a time consuming business and the target is to update the database at least twice a month and/or the website at similar intervals. At the time of writing (06/01/2023)  there are over 24350 images in the database with many more waiting to be catalogued.

How to Search
The search function isn’t smart so keep search terms simple e.g. BSA or BSA Bantam – avoid punctuation marks. Where spelling or phrasing is optional or variable I’ll try to stick to a regular pattern – e.g. Motor Cycle rather than Motorcycle – Three Wheeler rather than 3 Wheeler. In practice you’ll work it out quickly, and once the database is better established I’ll create a classified directory with ready made links.

In short: Keep searches simple and bracket years where possible.

Classified: The Directory.
The directory may be useful if you’re looking for adverts relating to a specific manufacturer or product. It’s worth pointing out that this section is primarily a guide as manufacturers or their products may often qualify for a number of different categories, or variations of manufacturers names. You may need to expand searches manually based on the results for better listings.

All pages are subject to review and updates.

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